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 You have just spent a large amount of time, effort and money recruiting a new person into your organisation. You proposed and they accepted – it’s all flowers and smiles at this stage. But how often have you seen new hires struggle to perform, or leave within months of joining? OnBoarder is an online questionnaire for new hires that helps to prevent this happening.

OnBoarder takes 10 minutes to complete and produces clear, high quality reports highlighting levels of engagement and performance. All based on a proven model of employee engagement and retention.

But rather than listen to us telling you how good it is, you can  create a live account and trial the service to see for yourself - free of charge for 30 days. Why not trial it with people you have recruited over the last 3 to 6 months?

Example Reports

  • Personal New Hire Reports
    These reports enable HR to focus on factors that are impacting on engagement levels and capability of newly recruited employees. It has been designed for use in conversations with individuals or in conjunction with new hire analysis reports. Personal reports are not available where anonymous questionnaires are used.

    » View example personal report

  • New Hire Analysis Reports
    These reports identify trends and themes in specific new hire groups - allowing you to focus on teams/departments/divisions, job roles and levels, issues around equality and why your new talent is disengaged.

    » View example new hire analysis report

  • Comparison & Data Extract Reports
    These reports allow comparisons across teams/departments/divisions, for differences in gender and ethnic origin and for any demographic that is collected. These reports are delivered in a spreadsheet so deeper analysis can be performed by HR specialists and incorporated easily into your dashboard analytics and reporting.

    » View example comparison report


Is OnBoarder right for you?

All you need to do is sign-up for our free 30 day trial and start using the service. It really is that easy. If OnBoarder isn’t for you, we simply cancel the account (and won’t bother you again). If you like it you can continue to use the standard service or work with us to customise it to your business’s unique specifications.

What will you get when you sign-up?

We create a candidate management system for your organisation. This web-based service provides you with secure access to your OnBoarder Account. You simply login to add the details of your new hires. Press a button and a smartly presented email is sent out on your behalf.

  • The candidate management system allows you to view all completed and pending questionnaires within the system as well as generate reports.
  • We send automatic reminder emails to new hires that have not completed the questionnaire.
  • You have the ability to generate new hire reports.
  • We provide you with all the materials (including user guides) that you need to be able to use the service.
  • Information packs are provided with all the briefing materials you need to share your new approach to collecting new hire engagement data.

If you have any questions at all please call customer services on +44 (0) 333 012 4649.


You can use the standard questionnaire but we realise you may need to make changes. No problem. This list gives you a flavour:

  • Capture data anonymously or produce personal reports.
  • Change the biographical sections of the questionnaire to reflect your organisational structure, add in new questions or even have completely bespoke content.
  • Change all emails to reflect your brand’s tone.
  • Brand the service and make it feel like an internal application.
  • For process, create ‘drop-in’ web pages, mobile specific questionnaires, paper-based questionnaires, or manage a phone based process.
  • Outsource the administration process completely to us via partial or complete systems integration.

Outline costs for customisation can be found here.

The Benefits

Save Time

  • Our user-friendly system makes managing new hires easy.
  • Reports are available in seconds.
  • We automatically chase new hires to complete the questionnaires.
  • We email you when questionnaires are completed.
  • Quickly identify risks and processes that just don’t deliver.
  • You and your team spend less time recruiting to replace new hires.
  • Your new hires are given the chance to tell you how they are doing.

Save Money

  • Providing a consistent method of understanding new hire engagement provides the insight to reduce attrition, recruitment costs and make your organisation perform better.
  • Running an effective, sophisticated onboarding process without the costs involved.

Collect Better Data

  • We have a proven model of employee commitment.
  • The process of data collection is objective and reliable.
  • Produce benchmarked individual new hire reports or group based 'dashboard' analyses.
  • Monitor equal opportunities/diversity, work-life balance and identify harassment/bullying issues.
  • Open-ended feedback allows each new hire to describe the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation in their own words.

Secure & Private

We test, test and re-test our systems. Everything we do is encrypted and re-encrypted. Your personal information and that of your new hires is protected and never shared. All connections to OnBoarder are managed over a secure channel. Our software, network and hardware are updated regularly with the latest security patches.

Organisations using our services include:

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